George Bevan owner of Bevan & Associates

“We aren’t just designing structures, we’re connecting homes to landscapes.”



Born and raised in San Francisco Bay Area, George Bevan attended the University of Oregon where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in International Politics, with a Minor in Planning, Public Policy & Management in 1996. Bevan moved on to complete his Master of Architecture degree at California Polytechnic University, Pomona in 2001.

He was awarded the 2001 Medal for Excellence in the Study of Architecture by the American Institute of Architects.

Work experience includes a residency for Michael Folonis, FAIA in Santa Monica designing custom residential homes and mid-century modern restorations. Senior Design at Studios Architecture in San Francisco – leading the design for international projects in Mexico, France and Japan.

Bevan + Associates was founded in 2003, and is based in Sonoma, California.


Founded in 2003, Bevan + Associates specializes in custom residential homes for families, couples, and developers.

Projects span the entire San Francisco Bay Area, Oregon, and Southern California.


Overall aesthetic and “style” of our work is a warm modern feel, with the use of natural materials such as stone, steel, concrete, glass, and wood.

Clients have loved their new home, filled with ample natural light, efficient space planning and timeless finishes.

A practical sensibility is always exercised, balancing budget with creative ideas to achieve the best completed project possible for the client.

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